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Our Mission

We understand that filing for Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits can be a complicated and frustrating process. Having a team of experienced professionals on your side greatly increases your chances of receiving benefits. Our attorneys and staff have more than 10 years experience practicing Social Security disability law in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, and the surrounding areas. We focus exclusively on Social Security disability claims and our expertise comes through in the attention and dedication that we bring to every case we handle. You need someone to fight for the benefits you deserve.

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Cooke & Vu

Our Process

At Cooke & Vu, we assist our clients from the beginning of the application through all levels of the administrative process. If you don’t know where to start or you have already received a denial, we can help you. Our clients have a dedicated case manager in our office and always have access to an attorney for their legal questions. If you must attend a hearing, one of our experienced attorneys will be there to represent you. Remember, our firm practices only social security disability law and our goal is to fight for your financial freedom and the medical benefits you need.

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Who We Serve

We help people with disabilities obtain their Social Security disability benefits and gain access to the medical care they need. We help people with physical and/or mental problems who find themselves unable to work, or only able to work part-time. In the case for children, we help those who are experiencing difficulties at home or at school. By helping people obtain their Social Security disability benefits, our clients are better able to focus on their health and get on the road to recovery, both medically and financially.

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Changing lives every day

“Thank you for always being honest, quickly returning phone calls and listening. You always kept me informed of the progress of my case. My husband and I are extremely grateful for your hard work and perseverance.”

– Annette, approved at the Application level

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Reopening A Prior Social Security Disability Claim

Reopening A Prior Social Security Disability Claim

If you have filed for Social Security disability more than once, then most likely it is in your interest to request to reopen a prior claim(s) because it may affect the amount of backpay you receive if your claim is approved. Generally under the Social Security Regulations, when you file a new claim, you may… Read more »

Social Security AC Denials & Important Deadlines

Social Security AC Denials & Important Deadlines

The Appeals Council (AC) is the fourth level of the Social Security disability process. If you receive an Appeals Council Denial of Review, then there are important deadlines to keep in mind if you decide to start a new claim. If your claim is for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) only, then you must start a… Read more »

Expediting Veteran’s Social Security Claims

Expediting Veteran’s Social Security Claims

Many Veterans are unaware that they can receive full compensation from both the Veteran’s Administration and Social Security. The requirements for obtaining Social Security disability benefits are different from the VA. A Veteran must still meet the Social Security definition of “disability” in order to receive benefits. The definition states, “You must be unable to… Read more »